Friday, March 2, 2012

Retro Update: Old Angelfire Stuff

In an effort to compile some of the gallery pages from my old Angelfire site, here's some shots of my mounted vampire lord. There will most likely be several of these updates, in which I'll attempt to preserve as much of the early-aughts lingo as I can. I hereby humbly apologize for the quality of the photos. They're all ten years old, and in 2002 a 1K image was considered huge! (Okay not really but sorry anyway.)

Vampire Lord:

This is my army general, Baron von Sidula. He consists of the old mounted Red Duke model, with Morgiana Le Fay's unicorn. I removed its horn and modeled over the hooves with green stuff to make the horse resemble Melissa Benson's version of the Nightmare from Magic:The Gathering.

Von Sidula's jaw drips with the blood of his last victim. I'm particularly proud of the blood splatter effects.

Here's an in-progress shot of an on-foot Baron von Sidula I'm constructing. He's the top half of the mounted Red Duke model, with the lower half of the Krell model, and green stuff to fill the gaps.

Vampire Hero:

One of the few Warhammer-related projects I worked on at Northeastern. This mounted vampire is converted from an old Dogs of War general, Borgio the Besieger. (Still hoping for an updated Dogs of War/Mercenaries army list, ten years later! They were great conversion fodder.) He's modeled and painted to look like my father, who inspired me to take up the hobby. I made sure I spent some extra time perfecting his eyes... I'm happy to say that they look just the way I wanted them too, glowing red and evil-looking. I gave Christophe a cool gray flesh tone, which I like more than the Baron's bone-colored flesh.

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