Thursday, January 12, 2017

WHQ Orcs for Warseer's Board Game Painters: January

I decided to take the plunge and join the recently-restored (yay!)'s Tale of Board Game Painters Project Log. Figured having an expection of a new Warhammer Quest unit each month hanging over my head would help motivate me.

I'm going for fast and cheap here, so base colors and a painted-on "dip" using Army Painter Strong Tone and I'm done! Apparently I lost a bunch of the shields that come with the game, so I had to dig through my bitz box to find suitable pieces. 
 Click to embiggen.
 I figure everybody's gotta have a pale orc in there somewhere since the Hobbit films came out, right? Mine turned out a little more "smurf" and a little less "white," but oh well. Gave him some blood splashes for color, this is a 90's-themed paintjob, right?

 I repositioned the archer's arms just like with the goblins. It was about this time that I had the sudden realization that the things on the ends of the bows are probably just supposed to be a RING of the string, and not actually some sort of CAP like I had previously thought (and painted on the goblins...) Anybody want to vote on which it is? Either way, painting 'em this way is faster, so hey, one less color! SPEED PAINT
Bases will likely stay this way for a while, since I plan to eventually replace them all with clear (round?) bases. Haven't decided on a final form for them yet, but in the interest of speed, I'm leaving 'em for now! SPEED PAINT