Friday, March 22, 2013

HeroQuest Zombies and TIM! WIP

 I was looking for an option to create a "Tim the Enchanter" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when I stumbled onto this old fella in my bitz box. I figured by removing his horny crown (hehe!) and building up some ram's horns out of wire I could get the proper look. I also dinged up his robes a bit with a dremel and removed the end of his staff. Can't wait to get some paint on this fella and see how he turns out.

 I'm also checking a couple quick projects off my to-do list... in making sure I had a complete HeroQuest set I found that I had one zombie left unpainted. I wanted to make sure he looked at least somewhat like the others I'd painted some twenty years ago. The left zombie is one of these historic ones. Got the skin tone a bit too green on my reconstruction but other than that he's pretty close.

It was actually pretty tough trying to speed-paint this guy in 20 minutes but I wanted them to look similar and I figured with no time limit I'd be temped to make him look too pristine. I'm glad to see that watering down my paint added some quick and natural shades and highlights that helped the mini out a bit compared to when I used to just brush right from the pot.

Here's the two speed-painted zombies with another one from chronologically in-between... yes he does look a lot better but he probably took me two or three days of batch painting to get looking that good. I accomplished what I set out to today, which was to (poorly) paint a complete model in a sitting, and I think it was good practice to get back into it.