Thursday, June 21, 2012

Retro Update: Battle Masters Ogre

 So my California vacation is over, and I'm back in Manchester, New Hampshire. The weather has been great lately so I've been back at it. This time we have the Ogre from Battle Masters. The paintjob is roughly 10-15 years old, like most of my HeroQuest stuff, but I rebased him recently. My first attempt at using rocks on a base, made from shreds of cork drybrushed from black to light gray. I haven't done much basing work yet but the experiment went well so I can see myself putting more effort into my bases in the future. I battled (pun intended!) with myself over whether to update the paintjob: adding some shading to the flesh tones, filling mold lines and the like. Ultimately I decided that I'd keep him as-is. I don't think I'll ever be able to replicate the flesh tone I stumbled onto here, which I assume was a yellow basecoat and some sort of soupy green wash. I like the bubbles it left, they look like warts. Very "Shrek"-esque.

Here he is with my Warploque Miniatures Zombie Pirate Ogre, because A) I wanted to get a scale comparison, and B) Because it looks so damn cool, and I never miss a chance to plug the Ol' Talented Git himself!