Friday, March 2, 2012

Retro Update: Black Coach

The Black Coach, centerpiece of any Vampire Counts army. It took me about three weeks to assemble and paint.

The wraith driver of my black coach. I originally painted him black, but he stood out more with a deep blue cloak.

I'm particularly proud of the "marble" effect on the coffin. I actually went to a marble wholesaler's web site to find out exactly what my paint job should look like. Isn't the internet wonderful? Always use reference, kiddies!

Particularly gruesome aspect of the coach.

The living dead are stirred by the passage of the coach. (I definitely need some work on my basing, here.)

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  1. I was asked by "constant_ones" over at Warseer how I did the marble on the coffin. As best I can remember, it went something like this:

    -Basecoat black
    -Stipple with dark grey in random patches
    -Stipple with lighter grey, also in random patches, but don't use the same patters as the darker gray layer. (Randomness is the key here... it's trickier than it sounds because your brain LOVES to make patterns.)
    -Streak with off-white in "lightning" patterns to make marble "vei ns." Again, try to overlap/crisscross the other patches to randomize.

    As always, looking at some reference photos from a marble dealer's web site will make it look that much more realistic.