Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Retro Update: HeroQuest Warriors

What self-respecting HeroQuest blog would be complete without the requisite Warriors images? As I look at these old pics, I can't help but wonder why my wizard is missing, and there seems to be a treasure chest in his place. Perhaps it's a mimic, or monster chest, that ate him right before the photo was taken? Hmm. Anyway, I originally attempted to mimic (no pun intended!) the warrior card paint jobs at least for the dwarf, but the barbarian looked a bit cold so I figured I'd help him out with a cloak from the empire free company kit. I believe the treasure chest also came from the same kit.

The Elf's color scheme, however, seemed a bit odd on the card artwork to me. Figuring he was probably a Wood Elf from Athel Loren, I did him up in a green scheme, which now that I look back on it could probably use some other colors for variation. For some reason the matt varnish I applied to these figures came out a bit chalky and white, so at some point I'm going to have to go over 'em again.

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