Monday, May 8, 2017

ToBGP March/April: WHQ Skaven!

Last update snuck in under the wire... this one's kinda inching along slowly. Looks like the monthly goals on the Warseer Tale of Board Game Painters are getting farther apart too... I guess with the nice weather people are going outside like some kinda crazy weirdos. Works out for me though, the deadlines were starting to blend together!

Bought these skaven clanrats without swords, minus the yellowish guy on the black base. He was already basecoated, and I wanted to preserve the previous owner's work, so I just dipped him in Army Painter strong tone with the rest of 'em once I'd painted them. Stuck with my traditional palette so they'll fit in with the rest of my classic WHQ figures. The new swords are stolen from Dark Elf spear tops. I think they look pretty "stabby" although some are a bit long.

I tried a new technique with the metal and basecoated with Leadbelcher before dipping. I'm thinking now that it's a little dull. I might ultimately decide to add some silver highlights on the edges to scuff 'em up. Either way, trying to avoid the whole drybrushing thing these days.

Guy on the left has a "fiery" shield design stolen from my undead... could be the start of a fun quest if they decide they want it back at some point! White guy behind him has a red shield design with double white cross pinched from Battle Masters. That one will need some dirtying up to reflect typical Skaven defiling. "Smeared with poo" would be a fun experiment. (It's just paint I swear!)

They were quick and dirty, but I still might give the bunch a little more TLC at some point, don't think they're QUITE up to my standards yet.

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