Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Themed Chaos Grave Guard, Malus Darkblade

I was stuck on the idea of doing paintjobs for my warriors themed after the four chaos gods. A day of painting later here they are! From left to right, they are: Slaanesh, pink and purple (the most FABULOUSLY frightening!); Nurgle, green and yellow and particularly rusty and corroded; "undivided," with the least alteration, just some rust and brighter silver armor; Khorne, all bronze and red and looking particularly happy about it; and finally Tzeentch, with his particularly bright blue and yellow highlights. I had a lot fun doing these, not least because it let me get out of the "undead drought" of bone and black I find myself doing so much of.

 Click for bigger pics!

I really wanted to try and expand my horizons as far as rust was concerned with these guys so it would stand up to the scrutiny of Carpe Noctem's painting challenge. To that end I tried to layer lots of different colors in the rust including green, purple, white, bone, and finally some blazing orange to top it all off and unify the rust. It was a lot of fun!

I also managed to get some pics of Malus Darkblade, headed for the girlfriend's Dark Elf army. He was originally going to be a Christmas present, but he got pushed back a bit with the trip to Virgina to see my sister. I tried to emulate the color scheme Caitlin is going for with bright red and yellow armor, but the Cold One he's riding was a scheme of my own invention.

 Since he's got such bright armor, I decided to make his sword plain ol' silver to balance him out a bit.

First time painting scales, and more detail than I think I've ever put into a face before. Hopefully the time spent shows! Truly a labor of love. Caitlin says she liked the "lava" bases, so that's the plan for now..

Finally, I cheated on a couple of "army shots" since I didn't feel like digging all my magnetized models out of the storage bin, but wanted to give readers a quick update since the last ones are so out of date at this point.

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