Thursday, January 23, 2014

Terrorgheist! And Nurgle Chaos Warrior Grave Guard

I wanted to post some in-progress pics of my Terrorgheist, which Caitlin got me for my birthday last May (!) and finally chastized me about not having STARTED recently. I told her I was waiting until I could do it justice.

I followed Rob Hawkin's tutorial on magnetizing the wings to make him much smaller to transport, and now I'm working on magnetizing his head, rider, and rider's weapons as well. (If you can't tell, I'm really liking this whole magnetizing thing.) I plan on super-gluing the chains around his neck to give the whole thing some support when the wings are detached. They'll be glued in a dynamic, swooping angle to reinforce the sense of movement in the model, which I think is pretty sleek already.

I also had to do some single shots of my Nurgle Chaos Warrior grave guard, so here they are for your perusal!

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