Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fimir! ...and a couple WIP Orcs

Edit: Better pics!

Finally managed to complete a few HQ models. I'm trying to speedpaint my way through these guys but my perfectionist streak keeps surfacing. The fimir were some of my favorite models as a kid and with their resurgence in Storm of Magic and the Warhammer Forge models, I wanted to do the little guys justice. (Apologies for the dark pics!)

I may have gone a little overboard with the bluish "verdigris" on the bronze areas, but it was my first attempt at the technique. Basically just a light bluish-green wash over gold. 

I also tried doing something a little different with the bases and painting on some "stone block" patterns of varying size.

 Gotta love the "birthmark/brands" on their backs! We'll say someone stuck hot irons into them to keep 'em in their place. What a great sculpt.

I'm still working on those Warhammer Quest orcs as well as a few other projects. The plain-looking HeroQuest orc in the background is going to be my first attempt at "dipping"... I'm anxious to see how he's gonna turn out.

In the background you can just make out Malus Darkblade's cold one that I'm painting for my girlfriend's Dark Elf army, and another blood dragon vampire on foot in progress.
Thanks for looking! Comments and criticism are always appreciated.

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