Friday, May 18, 2012

Retro Update: HeroQuest Chaos Sorcerer

He's been painted for a while, but other than some tiny pictures in my army shots from the previous post, I don't think he's really been featured. I thought the mighty Skeletor I MEAN CHAOS SORCERER deserved better than that, so here he is in all his glory.

I'm spacing on where the sword arm came from but I know that the skulls glued to the sword hilt and other hand are from the previous skeleton sprue. I guess I just wasn't impressed with the empty hands and wanted to give him a way to defend himself. He'll count as a necromancer in my vampire counts army.


  1. GREAT choice for an undead army commander. He looks much more martial with the conversion work you've done. The original does look a little odd with his empty hands, I presume he's intended to be casting a spell. I'll admit I didn't want to convert mine because of the historical relic status of the figure.

    Thanks for the comment on my Heroquest He-man BTW :)

  2. My pleasure! And in regards to your "historical relic" comment: in my defense I think I did the conversion work in the late 90's when Warhammer Quest came out, as I believe that's where I got the sword from. So it wasn't QUITE as blasphemous at the time. Nowadays I'd be more hesitant, I think.