Sunday, May 13, 2012

Retro Update: Army Shots

Thought it was about time I dug up these old army shots. From humble beginnings... 

You might recognize the old 5th (I think?) edition Chaos Warrior sprue mixed in with the skeletons to make my grave guard. No, they're not on legal bases, so they're gonna need some work to get 'em ready before I can use them in a game.


  1. I love these shots!! When you rebase the chaos warriors, give them skeleton heads so they fit right in? Good stuff!

    1. Sorry, forgot to post as me...

    2. Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked them. Getting a setup big enough to shoot the whole army with decent lighting was an effort, to say the least.

      The chaos warrior to grave guard conversions are going to require a good bit of work beyond rebasing. I'll play with the unarmored pieces and try to mix in some other races as well. I like the idea of a haphazard force cobbled together from different sources. I will certainly take your skeleton head suggestion into account!

      Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your plogs so it's nice to get your input.

  2. The fifth edition of Warhammer was my real start in the hobby, the first figures of the army UNDEAD ... nice to recall those times, looking at these pictures. Thanks!