Sunday, October 29, 2017

Warhammer Quest Critters

Boy, did summer get away from me there!

I finally got around to the penultimate (second to last) batch of Classic Warhammer Quest minis, the critters!

The splotchy grey bat on the far left is my son Kieran's first painted mini! Welcome to the hobby, little buddy. :) Knowing I was getting burnt out and that hobby time is at a premium these days, I went the quick route and sprayed them black, then went to town with the drybrushing.

I may still put a glaze or gloss varnish over the black eyes on the spiders to give them some shine, before the matt varnish they looked more "alive."

Now it's just the four classic WHQ heroes to do and my set will be fully painted! Last step will be to put them all on clear acrylic bases, since I got my order in from Sally 4th the other day. They'll allow me to use the minis in a dungeon quest, skirmish, or army battle and still have the bases match the terrain.

The chiropterologists (bat scientists) among you will recognize that some of my bats seem to be suffering from white nose syndrome, because what's more horrifying in a dungeon full of nasty creepy-crawlies more than injecting some depressing real-world diseases?

I couldn't have gotten to this point without the inspiration provided by Warseer and the Tale of Painters blog! Even though I've used more jokers than I have painted, it was still a great push to get this set completed.

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