Thursday, September 15, 2016

HeroQuest Monsters Progress

I figured it was about time for a long overdue update! With my son having turned two, I've started thinking about all the figures I've got to get painted before he's old enough to play with me.

Trying out some new, quick strategies with the basing... the thought here was "camouflage." At least on the HeroQuest board. But as I continue to go back and forth between WFB and the "...Quest" games, the clear acrylic bases get more appealing...

Click to embiggen.

I figured everybody's got greenish fimir, but what if I want a POLAR swamp rapist? Frost fimir it is!

The "to-do" list... they've all been painted at least once, around my early teen years... the yellow ones have gotten a second try in my 20's/30's. 


  1. Is that Sir Ragnar next to Morcar?

    1. Of course! The mini is the "Gallican Knight" from Warploque Miniatures. I painted him up like Sir Bedevere from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but he's standing in as Sir Ragnar in my HeroQuest set. Seemed appropriate.

  2. Ehy man! How you did Morcar's mini?