Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GI Joe/Transformers #5 preview at ComicsAlliance

This is the first time I've checked out a full preview for this series, although I've been a bit intrigued by the cover images once or twice.

While I can't say I'm personally interested in this stylish retro take, I've got to admit it's impressive that they went in such an against-the-grain direction. Good for everyone involved, and I hope it works out for them. At the very least it'll look good in a collection with the original G1 comics, stylistically speaking.

Full preview! (Linky)

Also, apparently Comics Alliance lives again! Yay!

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  1. Tom Scioli's art/direction is certainly not for everyone, but I think he has pulled off something with the serious. Personally, I'm a huge fan of his and I'd recommend if not buying then borrowing the books.